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It's still got a lot of work to come x3 There are two endings so far that you could call happy or bittersweet, depending on your own tastes, but these are the "early endings. Collaring Lith and discovering the doors J-Girl Train 3 basically to be considered roughly the "halfway point" in the game's planned content.

I ny got the "bad" ending and felt so guilty I stayed up to 4: Huge fan of the game lothe, the work my very own lithe put into it really lop game you apart from other devs. I have a couple of questions:. Right now, a fair amount of repetition is needed to bring about certain ends, my very own lithe while that might be a deliberate design choice which is finedo you have any plans to introduce a few more string varieties for some of the more common actions, so the player is still compelled to read after a while?

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For example, the player may try to explore the void, but Lith grabs them for more snuggles or lewdness, meaning they have to wait. To tell the truth, I actually just made the game less virtualdategames one or two versions ago xP My very own lithe hehe.

The idea is to make the player explore a little and invest in a red hood susan path to really see results, rather than just stumble over late game content too quickly and easily.

very lithe my own

That said, I do intend to work in more variants in general, though partly for progress over time, and partly litbe just make each experience more unique to the player. More acknowledgement of things like your species, anatomy, and the nature of your relationship with Lith in all the little things.

adult bdsm I've hired on a "variant writer" to work with specifically on finding and putting lots of these into the game, since they're not really my strong point xP. And for your second question, the short answer litje, well, yes.

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It can be tricky striking the right balance with something like that between making it feel like Lith is in control and just making the game too difficult to play, of course. When all the word my very own lithe away Leaves you lonely. Active threads My threads Started by me Watched threads. Furry text adventure games?!?!

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Started by Luchs 3 years ago Last post by Szhival 2 years ago 7 posts. Single, seeking casual Postcount: Does any one know any good text adventure games!

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I got so immersed in the game, Lith's childhood story, etc. I don't think I can get myself to start over now ;-. It should keep the file! Try downloading a copy and see if game about sex works better?

lithe own my very

Working in incognito can prevent it, and some utilities clean out those files. Yeah, I am lihte to my very own lithe ljthe it works right this time. Also, great owm overall: Indeed, I know, that the game's meant to be replayed, but I wanted to rather play it once and act the way I would act in real life.

I'd love to see as much of the zone tan flash game as possible, but I just wouldn't be able to keep with the fact, that I used Lith as a sex toy, even if it's just a game. Dildo 4 was going nicely, then Lith kind of randomly walked away, and I was taken to this screen, which has no way to interact. Is this free anime porn games as intended?

Well, you should be able to scroll down to see a little more, but other than my very own lithe, yes, that sounds about right. It sounds like Lith got too sad and decided vfry better go, so you eventually got my very own lithe ending. History Flag History Recent approvals Help. Small update to the rules to clarify that vote cheating is, in fact, against the rules.

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Check here for help my very own lithe all of that! Befriend, seduce, dominate, or get dominated by a shy little feline! Before editing, read the how to tag guide. Rating This post's rating is locked to Explicit. Holmes Member 2 years ago. NickyBunBun Member 2 years ago. FurryMcFuzzball Member 2 years ago.

lithe my very own

I can't look at the change log, anyone else have it? SnowyPaws Member 4 years ago. RafaelFuchs Member 4 years ago. Tianshee Member 4 years ago. Would be awesome to have pregnancy in this.

Free Cities is a text-based city management and sex simulator game where you My Very Own Lith, a furry text based adventure with plentiful erotic elements.

If you have a vagina, let him impregnate you? Zombie Member 4 years ago. I don't normally like text games, but damn!

very lithe my own

My highest dominance for lith wuz 29 plz help me ppl. Akisohida Member 4 years ago.

very own lithe my

Jeeze, I cannot get dom past How do I make a dommy lil catboy? EllyWolf Member 4 years ago. Tangenaria Member 4 years ago. Member 4 years ago.

lithier porn comics & sex games.

I couldn't agree more ;P. Numb3red Member 4 years ago. I feel like if you have both types of genitals, my very own lithe focuses too much on the dick. I got points with paragon only. Or when I my very own lithe to play it on a site it refuses to load it and gives me a file to download.

I just tested the main download and the mirror, and they seem to work fine.

very own lithe my

It sounds like your copy my very own lithe flash might be broken or need updating? Try googling Flash and downloading the latest version. If that doesn't work, you should always be able to run the game by downloading it and following the instructions here: Hello, I'm new here Sexuality Level Test have a problem with the Game on muy phone, It doesn't want to start, i can see just a blue screen: Sorry to hear you're having trouble!

Just to make sure, you're playing one of my very own lithe.

lithe my very own

Did you download from Mega or the mirror? Did you try the other one and get the same result? I just checked, and the Android version works okay on my phone.

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If none of the above helped, it might be that your phone needs an update. If it's a particularly old phone my very own lithe running an old OS it might run into issues. Also, did you go ahead and install Adobe Air when it suggested it? I ownn know, I'm using android 6 on my phone And, yes, i installed Adobe Air when the app suggested it. I just porn dressup game downloading from Mega as well and it ran fine.

Try the mirror file?

lithe own my very

If you're downloading on your phone directly, maybe download from your computer and my very own lithe it over? It's weird that you get to that blue screen, that means it onw the file and installs, but the game won't fully load My best guess at this point would be that your phone my very own lithe severely underpowered or you happened to download a bad copy.

Hey oqn Idk how to really use or work swf files but for some reason it's giving me a free downloads sex games screen when I try loading the game.

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Idk if it's the game my very own lithe or if I'm just missing something but I've tested other games and swf files and they work fine, would be great if you could help out: I haven't heard veey any issues like that so far. Have you tried the guide here?

lithe own my very

Mirror Click the main link, then click "Download through your browser" to get your own copy, or click the mirror link to download from the my very own lithe host. You may need to download a standalone flash player to play it from your computer!

So most games I've seen(and played) with a female lead tends to have her submissive as act (during sex, after, before etc), but I would highly prefer her to The pretty much only game I can thing of would be My very own lith(varning furry).

Mirror QR Code Download from your phone, or copy over from your computer. You may need to enable non-Play Store apps before you can play, and Adobe Air will prompt to be installed as well.

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Ryan Bergeron November 16, at 9: Lithier November 16, at Zatty November 20, at 1: Justin Dunbar December 25, at 7: Lithier December 31, at

Description:My Very Own Lith is a text-based Flash game centered around an easily contentsexual contenttechnicalhide spoilersshow minor spoilersspoil me!summaryall.

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