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Aug 28, - Game of Thrones Season 7 episode 7 "The Dragon and The Wolf" - Jon and Daenerys Sex Scene. LVent. Loading Unsubscribe from LVent.

‘Game of Thrones’ just gave us the awkward sex scene we’ve been waiting for

Giving away the North to Dany, while it was a rational decision in some ways, since he saw that she would be the kind of ruler who cares about her people, was still informed by his personal feelings for her, and now his decision will seem like a betrayal of the North to his bannermen and maybe even Sansa.

Hopefully his final struggle next season next season will also involve a struggle between his feelings The Dragon and the Wolf his duty. So, there are the following options: The problem with this scenario would be that all of that should happen by midseason and some three episodes would be left without a proper contents.

Jaime arrives with reinforcements and lifts the siege. The living regroup and march to KL, beat the second army of the dead at the Trident and simultaneously organize incineration of KL with all the remaining dead.

So, I would prefer the third option. Neither of the sides want to risk their last ultimate sexe game, so the milk plant 8 lay siege, which gives us at least one episode for character development and personal interactions. The Dragon and the Wolf

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Somewher around Ep 4 Jaime arrives with reinforcements; the living beat the dead; the Night King escapes on the dragon back, and everyone thinks that he returned to his liar in, but surprise — he pops up in KL.

Cersei orders to burn the city hoping to escape with Euron but Euron kills her or leaves The Dragon and the Wolf behind Candy Shop - Coffee Bean one way or another she dies.

And then comes the final stand between the Ths and the dead, while Theon beats Euron.

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Nudegames of the protagonists die, Tyrion and Sansa are left to clean the mess. Tye has to come back to Westeros and die; Varys has to face his demise; Tycho Nestoris has to appear in at least two episodes, Wolc. You are a Stark. For me Jaime has never looked hotter than in the scene where he finally abandons Cersei and rides north. Damn decisive Jaime is soo sexy!!

The whole incest thing. You are bringing in your values not those of the characters. Chances are while Jon will be upset by sexxxxyyyy hot game incest idea The Dragon and the Wolf, but remember that except for Ygritte, he is inexperienced but Dany will be bothered more by the fact he has a stronger claim to the throne.

We know that there was a scene cut that would have had Dravon going to Drayon. But The Dragon and the Wolf would have ruined the surprise. Cersei was possibly being overly clever.

If she has even one dragon, the mercenaries are not going to be real happy guys. A dragon could do a great deal of damage and they are fighting for money. Mobile free adult games Jaime might gather up some of the armies as he goes north. The leaders might not know he doe not have the authority.

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Also, I hope Bronn follows him because, well, Bronn is one of the few real fun characters left. I began to doubt that it would ever happen. And cum hard it did. He rode off with assurance and a sense of purpose as it began to snow. I was sort of thinking the same thing. We saw the soldiers at Riverrun lay down their arms. Can he The Dragon and the Wolf claim command over the Riverlands? Tbe — exactly what I was thinking.

Edmure might be skeptical The Dragon and the Wolf following Jaime but hopefully their differences can be put aside fort he greater good. More troops are needed in the North. After all this time, they finally got a chance to mourn a bit for their father. Geez — I never will get over that plot line…. Though the NK did look very cool on his ride. And Wo,f the others above me have said, I really looked forward to reading these every week and hope that you guys do this column again next year!

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Really enjoy the episode. I have almost nothing to add, except this one question: I think we hear Arya and Sansa speaking about Ned harem hentai game than Cat because we the viewers saw scenes with the three of them together. Cat seemed to come up whenever Brienne or Littlefinger were part of Arya or Sansa scenes.

I came here to say this, but The Dragon and the Wolf queens hunt encapsulated my thoughts exactly. Two sisters that already butted heads as children are reuniting after years of trauma and formative experiences. I The Dragon and the Wolf the dagger scene in episode 6 was horrendous, however.

Nothing has happened since the first scene, yet Arya has inexplicably gone from irritated with Sansa to outright threatening Sansa.

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I think the brilliance of the trial scene would have still been The Dragon and the Wolf. Overall, I did like the Winterfell storyline, although with a little more attention to character instead of shock, I think this storyline would have been truly stunning.

I too loved the Stark sisters on the battlements. This is the only scene, aside from the feast, I can recall between Cat and either of her daughters. Cat stood vigil over a unconscious Bran, but after that I think Robb is the only one of her children she directly interacts with. Jamie might discuss Cat with her kids next season, if everyone can move past his prior bad deeds.

You both make very good and very The Dragon and the Wolf thought out points. I look forward to your off-season discussions and, eventually, your season eight thoughts. Mel and Varys and magic will somehow be involved in destroying the NK.

Jon will probably die, her dragons too, leaving Dany as the ruler of nothing much worth living for because all she loved has died. I think Jaine will confess his defenestration of Bran, who wilk reply: And by the way, you looked beautiful boinking your sister. Sorry for showing up so late to my favorite weekly conversation.

I was travelling and had limited access The Dragon and the Wolf Internet, it was a pain not to be able to interact sooner. As so many others before me: Petra and Luka, thanks! These conversations are great, and I look forward to the next ones. I love that by the time they roll out we have had time to digest and think about want transpire from the episodes, so the thread becomes such an interesting read. Letting things simmer and sink in for a while allows us to delve The Dragon and the Wolf some of the nuances and political implications of the story mr pinku games is why I love books and show so much.

This week I totally agree jessica rick and morty porn your assessment. But as you did, I liked that even when I expected some outcome it was done in a way that still had bits and twists that surprised me. She did not trust LF, but at The Dragon and the Wolf same time she was conflicted with Arya.

Sansa knows Arya is so dangerous, that if she wanted to korra porn game rid of her, she would have done it already. Plus she knows what Arya really wanted to be is naked women games knight, so by pushing the idea, LF went too far.

Regarding Theon, I loved the throne room scene! However I think his role at this stage is not going to be only of redemption saving Yara and killing Euron. I think it will be the chance to redeem himself with the Starks because he will know that Euron did not go back home to wait out the outcome of the battle between the dead and the living.

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To me this could be a big boobed games for him to send Jon or Sansa the raven he did not send Robb back The Dragon and the Wolf Deagon 2. Other people have said that Tyrion may feel his power over Dany will diminish as she will be listening to Jon instead of him.

There might be something to this effect, but then, Jon also listens to Tyrion. I think Jon would be a mediator between Dany The Dragon and the Wolf Tyrion when she gets into her fire and blood mood. I thought one of the most telling moments in the episode was when the wight came at Cersei and no one came to her aid. Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. We later find out it was a ruse.

Game Of Porns: The Dragon And The Wolf is basically a sex scene between Jon Snow and Danny which you get to control. Being a spin-off of the Game Of.

About to sign off. Enjoy the finale everyone. Draogn wish you all good fortune in the wars to come. Sansa will then diplomatically and wisely turn down The Dragon and the Wolf minor suggestion by Glover, and he will renounce Sansa and declare his horse King in the North. Bran has seen how LF devastated his family. Looking forward to comments after the show. I hope as many as possible will find something to their liking in the first truly feature-ish episode in GoT history.

Enjoy everyone and try Tje stay alive!

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Those all sound amazing…. I will HOPE that all comes true!! This is the Final Episode guys!!!!!!! The episode is here! Urgh, I hate Auto-Quality….

I get shitty quality with MBit! And here I thought that promo was going to announce when Season 8 would premiere. This offseason is going to kill me. Maybe all this time it was a subtle hint of the whereabouts of Gendry — the last of the Baratheons. So delightfully sinister and intimate…. Honestly, they need to grow the fuck up and be professional. Gregor is no longer the brother Sandor had. IngaThe Dragon and the Wolf try to keep you updated as I have live pause and cat climbing all over me so I have legend of krystal v5 stop it from time to time anyway.

Starts off with people on their way to the dragonpit. Brienne tells Houndie Arya is at Winterfell and he smiles. Tyrion has reunion with Pod and Bronn.

The writers get this character perfectly. The man is mad as a chair but he is not and has never been idiotic. I can not wait. Got to get these kids to bed porn gamed we can watch.

Another sleepless night The Dragon and the Wolf me, for sure. But so worth it. I love this show. Bloody hell, I had missed those scenes between Tyrion and Cersei, the most beautifully messed up relationship in whole of Westeros.

Sometimes I have to The Dragon and the Wolf forward to the end of scene to see what happens, then go back and watch it normally. As a fellow spoiler fan you may have seen it already. They have someone from Cox working on it but right now Im a little miffed. Im gonna stay off for a while until I can watch the show later.

The Stark patriarch had promised to kill Theon if Balon ever rebelled again. Regardless how well he treated the, that fairy tail porn not change the reality of the situation.

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Oh Inga you hot lesbians games to see this on a big The Dragon and the Wolf screen! I know everyone will be super happy! The Dragon and the WolfFind a friend with an HD tv if you can! Not nearly personal or intimate enough. He was such a good villain with an extensive reach and he deserved more; as such, it felt grossly underwhelming.

As a result, the feud between the Stark sisters was resolved way too quickly and with little to no explanation too which is also a bloody shame because the conflict was actually interesting. But show me Rhaegar and Lyanna marrying, Littlefinger getting his come-uppance, and an Ice Dragon fucking melting the Wall…. The Winterfell plot was stupid to the bitter end. Elsewhere, Tyrion seriously deserves a Least Valuable Player trophy for this season.

As someone who was against Littlefinger dying, I must say that it was my favorite part The Dragon and the Wolf the episode, they handled it beautifully. I would have thought the whole wall would come down, not just a tiny piece but the ice dragon was cool. Looks like Gemma did slip up on that talk show. So back for S8. They left that free adult comic hanging.

Wolf the Dragon The and

Why would Rhaegar have two different children named Aegon? And the sexy kim possible Aegon was still alive when Jon was named. Was that Harry Lloyd in the role of Rheagar? It looked just like him. Sorry, this might be addressed up thread, started at bottom. That was absolutely the second best finale behind WOW. So many great character centric moments. And that finale scene…. I can go on the internet again without fear of seeing a leak.

Oh, and the episode was freaking awesome!!! In the very beginning with the hound and the mountain, what was that conversation with the latter knowing all along who will kill him. Is the hound referring to himself as the killer? I kinda thought he might be talking about The Dragon and the Wolf too though.

Or, The Hound saw something in the flames way back when his brother shoved his face into the fire!!! But Rhaegar truly believed the prophecy of Aegon being the name of the Ptwp and that hero would spring forth from his loins so to guarantee that, because he did not know which son it would end up being, The Dragon and the Wolf made sure to name them both Aegon.

This is my brother, Aegon. And this is my other brother, Aegon. Or was that prediction wrong? Lady Lyanna Mormont for the iron throne! CGI wight dragon was a bit dodgy, but otherwise this was a great episode. The demise of LF was done really well, the best plot twist in a while! They have restored my faith. Another reason could The Dragon and the Wolf to ensure that everyone stays united while the real threat is dealt with.

And then of course the classic irony will be that Rear Factor dies without ever finding out. Poor Jorah, he tried so hard to put Jon in the friendzone. Weird lingering shot of Tyrion looking worried that Jon The Dragon and the Wolf coupling with Dany, that was quite foreboding.

Emilia Clarke is smoking hot…. The season started amazingly strong and there were mmo porn games genuinely great moments all the way through but the last two episodes really proved that there was more than enough material for an eight, possibly even an ninth episode:.

So who else thought Jaime and Tyrion were going to die? No surprises or twists, valonqar and CleganeBowl punted on until next season, King Jon treated as a big reveal except that it has already been revealed to all but the most dense show watchers, the wall falling in a The Dragon and the Wolf straight-forward and not completely sensible way ice vs ice? I was really hoping for some multi-layered scheme here, and got nothing more than Sansa finally internalizing what she already long knew.

Instead, everything ran right down the most predictable courses. Cersei gave the order and the Mountain pulled out his sword. Why did he stand down? Alfie Allen as Theon was amazing tonight. His work this season had been brilliant as always, but to night he was simply breathtakingly great. Doubt it will be addressed, unfortunately.

Even curiouser considering a certain plotline from the books that the show skipped over. But Ghost is still at Winterfell waiting for Jon. Jon does not have to choose, as he told Theon — he can be Pussy Saga and Targaryen. Rhaegar still kabier bedplay his child would fulfill the prophecy.

So he used the name again The Dragon and the Wolf when Lyanna gave birth… he wanted a price again called Aegon. What happened since it was drug out of the lake?

Aug 28, - Game of Thrones Season 7 episode 7 "The Dragon and The Wolf" - Jon and Daenerys Sex Scene. LVent. Loading Unsubscribe from LVent.

The Dragon and the Wolf There is a Punyupuri Vol.1 no one cracked! Dany and Jon have been together non-stop for gay sex cartoon games while now. Plus 5 or 6 intimate conversations on screen. The gold from Highgarden went straight to the Iron Bank. Hentai animation was what that entire conversation between Tycho and Cersei was about.

IngaYou may be utterly right. I am not a leak-reader so I am entirely in the dark. However, I would argue that Littlefinger was a great instigator of conflict between the sisters and much more could have been done with it than what hte got. If the sisterly znd is reintroduced next season, I am afraid it will seem desperately rehashed. Been there, done that…. NK on Viserion looked really weird. That first scene when Viserion swooped in looked off. Anyone else think so?

No surprises or twists, valonqar and CleganeBowl punted on until next season, King Jon treated as a big reveal except that it has already been revealed to all but the most dense show watchers.

Long time lurker, first time posting. The Hound now knows because of the vision he saw in the fire. Not only is this my first post, but it may also be my first tinfoil theory! Btw, The Dragon and the Wolf this site and reading all of your comments! From one of the worst episodes last week to one of the best.

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Loved almost every second. They even comment Draogn how he is a dead ringer for Harry Lloyd. I sure thought it was. Except the other siblings were still alive when Jon was born. Goodbye Felicia — uh Little Finger.

Dragon Wolf The and the

Methinks Sansa has been putting the pieces together her little old self over the past Wolv episode, so good for her. I knew all that frogging around with the sisters Stark would have a beneficial payoff!

In another part of Westeros, so did Jamie. And Brienne connected with her girl power booster. Actually, Bran should have known that already, but …. Those were the nice surprises, the rest of the episode was just tons of fetish hentai watching what we were all speculating upon actually xnd.

There were several moments where I was in awe of the acting. Last thr felt so contrived and mechanical to me. This week connected on so many levels. Lol well I was born and raised there… funny you like him!! You guys need to check The Dragon and the Wolf timelines. Ned goes to KL in place of Robert, both to take the surrender and save his sister. Jaime took care of the first, so and then he leaves for the ToJ, where Lyanna just Th birth.

So by all means, she should know he Jon is the heir to the Throne, and what happened in KL. I was hating this episode Until that last 30mins! Littlefinger deserved a better ending than that poorly constructed Winterfell plot.

Why exactly Lip service a wight dragon breathe blue fire? Blue is a hotter flame than red. The dragon fire has always looked dreams of desire download but those blue flames WWolf looked cheesy.

It is what it is. On the other hand, the scene between Theon and Jon was amazing. Jack The Dragon and the Wolf 24Jack, did you enjoy the episode? I thought it was really good. Shrek Sex Tape was Alfie Hhe outstanding or was he outstanding? Watch out Night King. Starks are ready for you….

Jon just brought Theon back from the brink. What was up with Tyrion The Dragon and the Wolf the boat? Jamie broke with Cersei, Jon Aegon! I shall endeavor to dream of Spring.

Predictions for next series

Is that all you care about? You know aside from budgeting and CGI related things. The CGI at the end was awful. Did I just get everything I wanted?!! Did The Dragon and the Wolf really leave Cersei? Is LF actually dead and did Sansa fully embrace the Stark side? Yeah that all happened. I was a bit confused by naked teen games. How could ZombieMountain grasp the nuances of a bluff?

Why would they have been playing Littlefinger the whole time? There was no point to doing so; they could have killed him at any point. I wonder if Tyrion knows of her plan to not send troops.

Would Cersei being pregnant change Tyrions mind? Lesbian sex video games at Jon and The Dragon and the Wolf together knowing he will have to betray them at some point? Rhaegar did look like Harry, but then they probably wanted a resemblance and putting that hair on him would make it more so.

I suspected that all along, really I did. It would have been highly disappointing for it to have turned out otherwise.

Dragon Wolf The and the

And Cersei was even more calculating than I imagined. Worried for him though. The boatsex was romantic and done well Got so sick of seeing that word at spoiler city.

Wolf the Dragon The and

The interaction between Tyrion and Cercei was old school Thrones and I loved it. Night king and ice dragon and army that shit was cool and ominous! Felt The Dragon and the Wolf for him when everyone made him realize his goof tho. He truly shows is a man of his word. Lord knows… If so, it was terribly Wokf If their intention was to make Littlefinger believe they were feuding, My Horny Girlfriend they should have argued in public, or at least in front of witnesses likely to report to Baelish and let him believe his plan was working.

The Dragon and the Wolf

Instead, they only ever argued when no one was around so… Blah! RexThe Dragon and the Wolf Allen and Peter Dinklage did great this season, as per usual. As The Dragon and the Wolf turns out, the writers decided to give Allen and Dinklage interesting things The Dragon and the Wolf do this year so there is plenty to enjoy! His sister was adult dressup games the Mother of Dragons is his type of woman and, while not romantically interested in her at least, I believehe puts her on such a pedestal and expects so much from her that he is reluctant to accept her human nature, here embodied by her sentimentality and libido.

I would say the dragon is more of a white Walker dragon. It was created in the same process as a white Walker night Walker touching it, as he did with the male babies. To keep him in play, there at Winterfell, thinking he was winning… Keeping their enemy close, while they set him sex fighting games for the fall.

Woooooooooooooooow What a doozy Absolutely loved this episode Superb acting and visuals Winterfell scenes were some of my favourites. Re Tormund and Beric being possibly dead…. And he puts his fucking golden hand under cover.

and The Wolf Dragon the

Now go find Brienne. Very awesome and satisfying! They played Littlefinger and they played me too.

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Especially LF begging for his damn life. Whelp, that is The Jungle Call boner killer…. Is this just a reference to book! To keep him in play, there at The Dragon and the Wolf, thinking he was winning…Keeping their enemy close, while they set him up for the fall.

If they were on to him the whole time, they could have accused him at literally any point in the story. The totality of their proof was that Bran said so. Over and over again!

and The Wolf Dragon the

The Dragon and the Wolf were getting hit a few feet away, then a much more massive section fell. When Tormand saw wall exploding explosion was moving awaway from him. I think he is on the bit left standing.

Elia and her children were killed in KL. The Dragon and the Wolf Jamie off the Throne. She is, naturally, very sceptical about the friendly proposal that she pull back all her armies, so after far more pleasantries than was really necessary, the Hound The Dragon and the Wolf out their prisoner.

Having opened the box, there is a long moment where nothing happens. Ultimately the Hound has to tip the wight out of it, and it instantly perks up, running screaming right at Cersei. He cuts it in half, and Jon demonstrates how you can kill wights with either fire or obsidian — even though ordinary swords seemed to be doing the job fine last episode. Qyburn, our resident Frankenstein, is subtly very excited by the whole situation.

Cersei is willing to give the truce a go, if the King in the North stays neutral. Cersei recognising that is actually ceding a hell of a lot of ground — quite literally, given the size of the North. This prompts Cersei to go off in a huff. H is finger tip moved slowly in her ass delicate little circles as his hips thrust deep. Her body tensed as he felt her tighten around him Jon felt her spasms around his length and her body shuddered in waves underneath him as her orgasm rush through her body, as she gasped to breathe He spoke her name in a loud moan and The Dragon and the Wolf lost all control with his final thrust he felt her warm juices rush against his own as he released himself inside Beyond - 2nd Report, filling her.

the and The Wolf Dragon

He continued to move inside her slowly wanting all of his melody game to bury deep. He felt her body go limp beneath him as he let out his breathe … to her sigh of relief.

Wolf The Dragon and the

Minutes later he was still inside Sohos Ep. 4. Dany's head on to his chest…her hand found his hair lazily, her eyes coated with intoxication found his.

The sun had faded and the nights stars were out, they fell asleep in the cabin to the swaying of the boat and the sound of each other breathing. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Game of Thrones. Inspired by season 7. Seductive Epic Tale that begins of course with none other than The Dragon and the Wolf boat sex. I am a Grad student so between my studies this is my The Dragon and the Wolf found passion stress relief.

Reviews are my encouragement to keep going! Jon stepped forward …they now stood face to face… she could feel his warm breathe on her cheeks.

Her belly fluttered and her breasts swelled in anticipation…. Their eyes locked, ravaged in tense desire. Their gaze lingered The Dragon and the Wolf and ice collided then, sizzle crackle and there was no holding back. Tongues hot and entangled, this was what he wanted. Porn gamesa would be commanded for once Her mind reeled at the sensation of his finger and hard shaft filling her Her Good Heart 3.

The Walls Come Down 4. Let Us Soar 6. They were both reborn from fire, they lost their first great love, and they rose as the chosen ruler of their people despite the many, many people who would rather see them dead. Some of these parallels are used to argue that Jon, Daenerys, or both of them are the Prince That Was Promisedthe prophesied savior of Westeros. Melisandre clearly saw both of them being important for the great war to come. At one point, Dany—like she does in the show—sees the Wall while she is told of prophecies.

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