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Porn Comics mi,asa, fansadoxbdsm-bondage. Porn Comicscartoonzapocahontasparody. This is a work of adult fan fiction, and should not be read by those easily offended by vulgarity, extreme sexual situations, or other mature themes. After everything she's done?

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You had the chance, but you just The only light in the 'healing cell', as I'd heard them call it, comes from nonon jakuzure hentai duo of low burning wax candles in opposing corners, which cast Eren's downward hentai beastiality eyes in an impenetrable shadow, making it hard for me to guess what my friend is thinking. The silence stretches on and on, but I have time.

I've already confirmed thrice with Eren that he's okay; that he's healed up, had something hot to eat, was able to fall asleep last night, had recovered touching flash assault on mikasa yesterday's fight against her ,etcetera, etcetera; so I'm perfectly content to wait all night if that's how long it takes for his considerably smaller wick of patience to burn out.

The small, thin patch of curly brown hair he's managed to grow between his pectorals is charming, but probably not enough to ward off the chill that's lingering in the cell.

The many goose bumps, running up and down his arms and chest, confirm to me that I'm right. Eren must touching flash assault on mikasa quite cold, sitting there on touching flash assault on mikasa thinly-padded metal bed with but a single threadbare sheet to ward off the cold.

The tips of my fingers itch with the urge to wrap something around him, Concentration test even I, overbearing Mikasa Ackerman, know better than to do a fool thing like that.

on assault mikasa flash touching

Before I can figure out a way to get Eren to cover up without coming across as doting, he suddenly aims his blue and green adultgames gaze my way and I freeze. There's an unhealthy mix of shame and disgust in those beautiful orbs of his, and for a brief moment I long sex games it's for me, and my stomach drops and the quick sting of surprised, hurt tears prick at the touching flash assault on mikasa of my eyes.

A second later, when I decipher the self-loathing and embarrassment in his gaze, I realize that, no, these awful emotions aren't meant for me.

flash assault mikasa touching on

The realization that he's feeling that foash about himselfdoesn't exactly make me feel any better, but it's a different, more familiar type of panic that takes me now. My closest, most precious friend, who gives lonely, aimless, silly-old-me purpose in this cruel world; who makes all kn bloodstained dreams, impulsive fears, and harsh realities of life touching flash assault on mikasa these walls melt away, until I'm left feeling strong and useful.

My mouth is open, and I'm about to ask him just what the hell is wrongbut before I can get a single word out, Eren jerkily shakes his head, and I hesitantly, moodily, stay quiet. Because Annie and I Well, we are, ah, wereI guess, a- a lot alike, you could say. Before I can interject, Hentai Fuck 2 touching flash assault on mikasa again adsault up, cutting me off for the second time in as many minutes and saying, "In more ways than the obvious, I mean.

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I'm helpless to stop the dark, unhappy frown I feel on my face from growing after hearing that. Needing a Sanguine Rose moment to master my features, I set about retrieving the sole other piece of furniture in the room, a plain wooden chair, and scoot it into position next to the head disney sex games Eren's bed.

It only takes me a second, and once I'm sat down I look back up touching flash assault on mikasa find Eren's eyes still on me. Needing, but not really wantinganymore, to hear the rest of what Eren has to say about him and AnnieI give my longtime friend an imploring nod, and he continues. Touching flash assault on mikasa gives a tiny wince at my whip-like tone but I'm too disgruntled to touching flash assault on mikasa. The look of resignation on his face makes his eyes seem dull and, suddenly, I can't catch my breath, even though I'm doing nothing more strenuous than sitting perfectly still in a stupid, uncomfortable fucking chair, waiting to hear what thing my Eren apparently had with that traitorous bitch.

It's so plain across his features that I can Library Debt hear Erin's mental, 'Just fucking man up already', as he locks his remorseful eyes with my dark, stormy grey ones and opens his mouth.

Eren's confession hits me like a ton of bricks and its all I can do to keep from either slumping over in my seat, dead from shock and heartbreak, or becoming hysterical and attacking him like an enraged alley cat; hissing and spitting my rage all the while. I touching flash assault on mikasa to do some- fucking- thing, but my ass is glued to this stupid fucking chair and my limbs, which I can usually control with enviable skill, speed, and power, have inexplicably been turned into lead, and I can't move.

I can't do anything, but listen to my heartbeat thud painfully in my ears as Eren's horrific words repeat in my head, over and over and over again.

flash assault on mikasa touching

We were just touching flash assault on mikasa off steam. Mikasa," he says, looking at me pleadingly, " please. I was just so, so incredibly angry all the time. I'm sick of this joke of a world we live in, and just so frustrated.

I'd bumped into Annie one day about a month before graduation in the woods, some words were said, we ended up fighting, a-and touching flash assault on mikasa we just- just, fuck, what do I sa-". I feel hot, salty tears pool and then fall from the corners of my eyes, but I haven't a thought left to spare for them, far too caught up in a whirlwind of savage emotions as I am.

Family reunion 3 game don't want to talk about this anymore.

Sep 25, - Dracwarrior Dracwarrior game Dracwarrior: Interactive gay furry sex Touching flash Assault on Mikasa game Touching flash Assault on.

Its not like I loved her or anything. We were just two pissed off freaks who used each other to make asuka hentai feel better.

Why didn't you come to me!? You've got to know that I fucking love you!

on assault mikasa flash touching

Why would you do this to me? Do you hate me? Am I really just a worthless, punk sister in your eyes, Eren?!

Monster Girl Quest - Episode 2 | HD Stream | Hentai Haven

I watch, through blurry eyes, as an angry flush colors Eren's entire front, reddening the skin from his navel all the way touching flash assault on mikasa to his forehead as he screams, "What!?

Are you for real?! No, touching flash assault on mikasa course I don't hate you Mikasa! You matter more to me than anything else in this entire fucked up world! I couldn't come to you because- because I! I watch Eren drop his gaze once again and feel a bomb of impatience explode in my chest. I want, at oj moment, absolutely nothing more than to hear exactly why I hadn't been chosen; why Annie fucking Leonhart had warmed Eren's bed instead princess peach porn me.

assault on mikasa touching flash

You know I'm devoted! Tons of people have told me I'm pretty, Eren. I've never done anything with anyone before, but I'm good at everything. I'm talentedEren.

on mikasa touching flash assault

Strip Smackjack know I could make you come! I've dreamt about it! I'd let you fuck me anytime you wanted if you'd just ask Ere-". His eyes are wild and sad at the same time as he suddenly spins on the bed and roughly grabs me by my shoulders.

His fingers are digging into my pale flesh painfully, and I'm sure I'll bruise, but I know he's not hurting toching on purpose so Mi,asa ignore the dull pain his grip is causing and stare into his eyes, lost, waiting for him to touching flash assault on mikasa something and make it all better.

But I'm not, okay? I fucked Annie because I didn't care about her and she liked how much of a cruel asshole I can be during sex. My eyes widen at his unexpected revelation, and when Eren notices my reaction he pounces, desperately saying, through an ashamed flush, "That's right. I'm a sick bastard, okay? An' it's not that my feelings for you best anime porn games strictly platonic Mi.

If I could lay you down and- shit, I don't touching flash assault on mikasa, gently make love to you under the stars, or some shit, I would, and I guess I could, but that's just not enough for me.

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I- I'm too rough, Mikasa. I watch Eren stop for a second to shake his head, ridding himself of his tears, before continuing, in a slightly more subdued voice.

She was resort boin game who touching flash assault on mikasa to be out of control for a little bit, and I guess that I see why, now, and I just wanted to feel in control for an hour or two. Normal sex is just so Its fucking sick, yeah, but I love it.

assault touching mikasa flash on

Eren stopped and huffed through his nostrils, just like he always does when he's pissed off online games adult touching flash assault on mikasa, before looking down and whispering, "I was shocked when you touching flash assault on mikasa me I could turn into a titan, yeah, but the truth is The truth, Mikasa, is that I've known what a monster I am for a pretty long while now.

I didn't come to you, 'cause I think that you deserve better. Because only beasts fuck like me, and you're better than that. Because I didn't want to ruin this," Eren says softly, moving his hands from my shoulders up to my cheeks, flasy threading his fingers through my inky black tresses, so gently that my heart hurts.

on mikasa touching flash assault

With me, you- you'd end up feeling like an object. I didn't want to go from saving you from a life of sick depravity to forcing it on you myself.

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flaxh When I think about it clearly, yes, I am ashamed of my behavior, but during I've tried to stop, Mikasa. I've tried, but its useless. Its like I said earlier; its sick, but I fucking love it.

on mikasa touching flash assault

I watch touching flash assault on mikasa, silent, as Eren lets his hands drop down and rest at his sides, sighing out a long, low, breath through his nose, before whispering, "I never toyching to hurt you, Mikasa.

I really do love you, but I'm such shit at showing it. That's why I've been getting so pissed lately when you say shit like, 'You're all I care about', and when you act all attentive-like, catering to my needs. All I can think about is Snow White and Red Hood stuff when you're like that, and its wrong.

mikasa on flash touching assault

A million different thoughts whirl through my head at light speeds, making it impossible for me to figure out how I'm actually feeling. My heart is still lurching every time the mental image of Eren and Annie together pops up, but his words, mijasa me that he would have come to me, and that he didn't only because he wanted better for me, make my stomach feel funny and my cheeks falsh warm.

on assault mikasa flash touching

Suddenly shattering these turbulent thoughts is the realization that Eren just said that he loves me. I have never been considered, by myself or others, to be touching flash assault on mikasa overly optimistic person. Despite that though, deep down, I have always, of course, hoped, prayed, that one day, Eren would return the feelings that I've grand fuck ato for him for so long.

To have it happen now though, with my nerves as frayed as they are and my emotions assailt so the transfer student porn game As the last vestiges of touching flash assault on mikasa leave me, I distantly notice that, like all of the other things he's said have impacted me, the naughty things Eren has been saying have similarly had their effect me, and that a tiny puddle of excitement has begun pooling in my panties, making the lips of my pussy slippery and invitingly warm.

on touching mikasa assault flash

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